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Student Governance and Development

Our Background                   

Jesus Dominion International Campus Fellowship is a religious student society. JDI society is an Apostolic and Prophetic Student society designed under Trinitarian auspices to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.The society believes in winning billions of souls into the kingdom of God, but also challenges believers to rise up as Sons of God and utilize the authority and divine power given to them through Christ Jesus.


Some of the programmes of which focus on youth development and empowerment are:

  • Help the Helpless”- is an initiative which focuses on feeding the poor and homeless.


  • Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) – is a Christian based intervention dedicated to transforming the lives of youth. We believe that guidance and discipline through the word of God and mentorship has a great impact in transforming lives of the youth.


  • “Giving Hope to the Hopeless”- As situations surrounding the health and wellness of the state of mind prompt one to be down and of low spirit we saw the need to visiting Jails, old age homes, children’s homes and also hospitals to provide a source of support as people in these facilities tend to be neglected.