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Student Governance and Development


Nelson Mandela University Student Entrepreneurship Working Group is a structure that aims to develop and create a platform for aspiring and existing student entrepreneurs to have access to opportunities and information on how to develop and grow their businesses.

The Student Entrepreneurship Working Group is administrated by student entrepreneurs within the university community running under the motto “A sea of entrepreneurs with a pool of ideas”. This motto symbolizes that need for innovation to elevate the progress of socio-economic advancement at a microcosm level.

Education and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand because in the South African context, you need experience to get a job as a graduate and you also need a job to gain experience and therefore students must be encouraged to start businesses whilst they are still struggling to tackle this inhibiting conundrum.

As Nelson Mandela once said “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and this in line with how entrepreneurship can tackle the socio-economic ills such as unemployment, inequality and poverty.



We aim to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Nelson Mandela University and to create a space for the following:

  • To enable training and Workshops on how to start a business for students.
  • To enable platforms that illustrate funding opportunities
  • To enable advertising opportunities for SMME growth
  • To enable access to markets


Student working group made up of students from: 

  • Enactus 
  • Business Economic Sciences forum
  • Business School 
  • Student Alumni 
  • Student Governance & Development 


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