Leadership Programme: Beyond the Classroom (BtC)

BtC is offered online and designed to offer an interactive experience which requires you to be an active participant. The programme consists of 14 online workshops and regular facilitated teams meetings.

Through BtC you can expect to:

  • Increase your level of social awareness and responsible citizenship
  • Learn to adapt to change, ambiguity and different views
  • Foster your creativity in both thoughts and actions
  • Boost your thinking in seeing things from new perspectives
  • Enhance your intra- and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen your verbal, written and electronic communication skills
  • Expand your knowledge in your field of study

Participant Registration Form

International Student:



Student Governance and Development (SGD) believes that leadership and service programs should enhance a students experience and not harm their academics. Acceptance onto the programme is dependent on your academic progress in 2021.Senior students, you acknowledge that you have not failed more than ONE module in 2021.

I authorize SGD staff to verify my full time enrolment and full academic record at the end of each semester.  I understand that should my academics be at risk, I may be withdrawn from the program after meeting with a SGD staff member to discuss my academic status.

By submitting this form, I hereby agree to all the conditions.


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