Izza Naseer

2nd year B(com) Accounting

Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences



This photograph depicts a rainbow among the cloudy and rainy weather. This is what BTC was for me during the year. A rainbow amongst the rain and clouds that took this world by surprise. 2020 has been one rollercoaster of a year. A year which no one would have expected. I feel like that is what made it all so difficult for me. It was unexpected and uncalled for. It took our goals, plans and achievements for the year with it.

However, like the rainbow in the photograph, BTC was like a rainbow of hope and self-discovery for me this year. It was a means of discovering parts of myself I never thought existed and building my ability to resist the storms in this world. It was a means of questioning my values, ideals and impact in this world. It led me discover how much more I can actually do in this world and in the lives of others. Despite not accomplishing some of the things I’d hoped for, it made me become a better person which is the greatest accomplishment of all. This photograph shows me that besides the rain and storms in this life, there’s always something beautiful out there to look forward to.





Lithalelanga Vena 

3rd Year, Diploma in Accountancy


In 2018 I took a chance at taking an image of the full moon. After a few tries I finally managed to create the right shot and I got the almost perfect and clear image of the moon . As I looked through the different shots I had taken I was drawn to the different shapes and illustrations that were created by the speed of light only, I saw beauty in the errors and I decided to create a collage of these. 

When I first joined the BtC leadership programme  in 2017 I had no idea that the course would require the amount of commitment and effort that it did , so I ended up dropping it only to  join again in 2020 because I was determined to finish what I started. I learnt how to persevere and commit to my goals just like I did with my photography and my academics. This image also reflects themes of change , which is something that the programme has helped me accept and adapt to especially in the past year when we had to learn new ways of learning, connecting and sharing information.






Mbalentle Sifeni

3RD Year in BA Psychology


“It’s always darkest before the dawn”


This is a praise that was first used by Thomas Fuller and I am quoting it because the picture that I chose and my 2020 story aligns with it. In 2020 I have learnt that things always seem to get worse before they get better and even in the worst times there is always hope. It was a very dull year for everyone and during lockdown I faced so many challenges due to a lot of change and it was not easy to adapt to that change. 

My reflection of the dark in the picture is the challenges that I have faced during the lockdown where I had to adapt to new ways of doing this and to accept that I am being restricted from achieving some of my goals. It was first the introduction of online learning which was very difficult for me to work with, this is because  I am from rural areas where there is a lack of network and most of the time, we experience load shedding.

I was very anxious about my future, for a minute I felt like my life has no direction and I was not coping at all. I was so scared that I might fail some of my modules or drop in my grades and I will not be accepted for Psychology Honours, that would mean the end of my dreams.

On the other side I started a marketing business at the end of 2019, and I was looking forward to growing it in 2020, little did I know that my plans and goals about my business were going to be shuttered, lockdown took away the only thing that was going to make me an independent woman that I always wanted to be.

BtC programme has played a huge role in building myself and gaining strength to bounce back. It has thought me to not give up in life but to stand up and fight for my future no matter what difficulties I am facing. The motivations that were sent by our facilitators via emails and the workshops that we were required to complete for example, resilience and others were very helpful.

I learnt not to give up on my dreams, to redefine, reinvent, recreate, and find new strategies to conquer the challenges I was facing and to be able to adjust to this change and find new ways that will work for me.

This has brought me where I am right now which also reflects the dawn on the picture. Things are now getting better in my life, I managed to finish my 2020 academic year and passed all my modules, my business is also growing,  I can see the direction for my future and looking forward to more achievements.