Change the world

Student Governance and Development

Ms de Villiers: Lecturer

WOW!!!  What excellence!  I was absolutely blown away with what I learnt this morning.  You and your team are doing something so amazing with these young people.  The level of confidence displayed with this morning’s presentations was incredible.  I also see huge development with Gomotsang, Asiphile and Mona-Lisa.I am now an ardent supporter of BtC and will sing your praises and advance your causes both within and beyond the classroom. Congratulations to the BtC team!” 


 Professor Naidoo: Senior Lecturer

Thank you for your support of students through the BtC concept, which goes a long way to elicit the positive potential of our students in a manner which gives meaning to the notion of 'for Tomorrow'. What struck me was that all of them exuded confidence about what they're about, and had leadership personalities themselves. Thanks for the opportunity of listening to them.”  

Dr A. Werner: Lecturer

Even though my own son was part of the programme I did not grasp the magnitude of it.  I think it is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their skills and to interact with students from other disciplines.  Well done”


Professor Dorling: Dean Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

Well done on your initiatives.  They clearly work!”   


Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr Sibongile Muthwa

Today an academic distinction is no longer adequate. You need to be able to network, to lead and be an entrepreneur. This programme offers all this in developing our future employees and leadersYou make us proud and define everything we (NMMU) are”, said Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr Sibongile Muthwa in recognising the BtC students and thanking those involved in presenting the eight-month, after-hours co-curricular programme.