The Madibaz YouthLab is looking for students to be part of the YouthLab on voluntary basis to serve the community. the Madibaz YouthLab is a multi-model environment for Nelson Mandela University students to co-create innovative approaches to address complex social challenges facing young people in South Africa and beyond. The YouthLab aims to achieve three interlinked goals:

  • To support students and young activists to act as agents for a change in society.
  • Co-create new approaches to complex social problems.
  • Generate transdisciplinary knowledge.

The Madibaz YouthLab will introduce you to theoretical, analytical and practical tools that can be used during your studies, in community work, and the workplace within any setting. By joining the YouthLab you will:

  • Learn about decolonisation, system thinking, future thing and design thinking.
  • Apply your skills and ideas in practice.
  • Learn analytical, problem solving and facilitation skills.
  • Improve your skills by collaborating with a diverse group of students and youth on issues that concern you.
  • Build a network of people inside and outside the university.

If interested email