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Student Governance and Development

The Methodist Student Society

The Methodist Student Society (MethsSoc) is a religious society within institutions of higher learning across South Africa. The society is led by students which are elected annually known as the branch executive committee and a reverend from the MCSA pastoral oversight. We also fall under a higher authority under the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA). The main purpose of the society is to have a campus ministry which caters for the spiritual nurturing and growth of students, transformation, fellowship and our holistic development in a Christ like lifestyle.

Diversity Month Celebrations


We have services led by a local preacher, sent by the MCSA every Sunday at 09:30 at North Campus N1 lecture room, and have gatherings every Wednesday (North Campus Multipurpose venue at 17:30) for the Wesley Guild (a youth movement in the MCSA) and on Fridays (17:30, North Campus, J13). Gatherings during the week is where we practice and share hymns, bible verses and bible studies, outreach programmes, fun and games and other activities which promote unity, peace, harmony and spiritual growth. We also have revival services and street revivals where we take the Word of God to the streets.

All students are welcome to join MethsSoc as it is a vibrant and welcoming society. We also attend events with MethsSoc members from the other universities such as the regional opening, the spiritual crusade and the annual elective conference.


Masakhane Pre-School Outreach



Executive member with pupils

NMMU MethSoc is currently involved in an on-going outreach programme with a crèche in Motherwell called Masakhane where the society visits every year and do a needs assessment then continue assisting the home with its various needs. All members of the society is actively involved in different outreach programmes every year. This year the society hosted a Mothers’ day tea for the ladies working on campus as securities, cleaners and those who cook at the dining halls this is but only one of the outreaches done on campus.