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We aim to be a society that creates a platform for our students to reach their full potential. A society that cares for and participates in bettering the community, a society that ensures academic success for all likes of students but with also maintaining a balanced social life. Our aim is that once you become a member of LSS, you won’t need to look anywhere else to get all that Nelson Mandea University has to offer.



The Law Student’s Society (LSS) was formed many years ago to serve the law students of the then University of Port Elizabeth (UPE). Along with the change in the name of the university has come a change in the society itself. The LSS has undergone huge transformation in the past few years not only in terms of diversity and representation but also in the attitude and perception of the society among students. The society now strives to be a society run by students for the students – taking all causes, ideas, suggestions and even constructive criticism to heart and working towards making them a reality.



Our vision for the society is to create a bridge between the Faculty of Law and its students by advocating for the students and making sure their voices are heard. LSS has and will always be a society that encourages law students to thrive in all aspects of their university life and we do this by encouraging student involvement in academia, social activities and community outreach.



The Law Student’s Society (LSS) is a diverse society aiming to champion and represent the interests of its law students of the Nelson Mandela University. We strive to provide an all-encompassing university experience to our members with our priority being to get students involved.

As well as promoting academic stability for all members through activities such as Employability Workshops focusing on career and interview skills in the legal field to guided tours of the High Court in Bird Street, Central and Forensic Tours at the Mount Road Police Station.

We also offer a chance for members to get-together with fellow students of all ages and build lasting friendships through our social activities such as termly Pub-lunches on a lazy Friday afternoon and Cocktail Evenings watching the sun go down on a long week.

Thus we strive to cater for each and every member of the society and in essence, the LSS is a society run by students for students.