Society name: Unako Student Chapter


Membership Fee: R50.00



  • To promote student activism through community work of facilitating sustainable, efficient, and effective programs
  • To motivate critical and Afrocentric thinking within and outside the university.
  • To enhance community development and empowerment of learners.


Mission: The organization is dedicated to improving the adjustment and resilience of students and learners to adversity of social context of South Africa.


Description: Unako Student Chapter is a society working to promote student activism through volunteerism within communities around the Nelson Mandela Metro. This ‘activism’ is driven by the belief that within the South African context an Afrocentric approach to student volunteerism is essential. In this regard, the student society will facilitate programmes that not only bring a critically enriching change to learners in the communities it partners with, but also programmes that create agents of social change from the University students involved.