Campus Youth Quake Society is a Developmental Society that aims to develop Young people Holistically( Academical, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, etc.) creating practical youth who have an interest in the development of their nation. It was born out of need to address social, economic, and spiritual challenges faced by Young people.


Vision: Is to mobilize Unite And Equip the Youth for a brighter future.

Mission: To Shape a brighter future for our country through a well-equipped and educated youth.


Strategic Goals:

  • Developing Youth in all fields of life.
  • To promote moral values in society
  • To instil sense of ploughing back to the Community.
  • To raise leaders for our country
  • To save youth from drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse.


For more information: 

Chairperson: 0786510460

Deputy Chairperson: 071 442 9525


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