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Membership Fee: R80



  1. To proclaim the Gospel of Christ. 
  2. To strive to participate fully as members of Anglican Student Societies (AN’SOCs). 
  3. To strive for academic excellence.
  4. To exercise a meaningful ministry of reconciliation among the people of Southern Africa. 
  5. To demonstrate that Christians are one in Christ.
  6. To exercise a prophetic role, particularly in discerning and speaking out against the evils in our society.
  7. To be hope-instillers and agents of God's healing, both for individuals and society. 


Background Information: 

The Anglican Students Federation (ASF) is an Umbrella body of all Anglican Societies (ANSOC). It provides Student ministry to students at tertiary institutions within the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA).

Students meet in their different campuses to worship, Bible study, community outreach, plan and execute projects, fellowship, and have lots of fun together on weekly bases. ANSOC activities extend across denominational boundaries. To most students, ANSOC is a Home away from Home.

The Anglican societies on each campus comprise a group of between 10 – 100 students with a campus Chaplain, providing pastoral care and guidance.



To worship God. To be a co-ordinating body for Anglican Students’ Societies (An’socs). To stimulate awareness and concern as Christians for the broader society in which we live, for example through ASF Publications, Provincial and Regional conferences. To seek to alleviate the sufferings of those around us. To seek, prayerfully, to work out the practical implications of being Christians in our society. To encourage people to live out the practical implications of being Christians in our society.


ANSOC Mission Statement

The Anglican Student’s Federation (ASF) of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA) seeks to serve the needs of students and communities, to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and to develop mature Christian Students for leadership on campus, Church and society. This we do by providing an Anglican “Home away from Home” on campus as well as Bible Studies, Worship, Workshops and Conferences and community outreach programs. We commit ourselves to building peace, democracy and justice in Southern Africa as well building ecumenical and interfaith relationships.