Name of Society: Christian Students' Fellowship
Membership fee: R100


To reach out to all student residences with the gospel of Christ and nurturing the converts into a deep transformative relationship with God which will enable them to be active members of His kingdom.



To engage on evangelical activities that will advance the gospel of Christ, while rooting the converts in Christ through discipleship, and stimulating the desire to advance the great commission “Go ye therefore…. Mathew 28v19”.



The Christian Students' Fellowship (CSF) is an independent non-denominational and multiracial Christian organization formed in the year 2018 for the purpose of evangelizing and nurturing the spiritual growth of students throughout their time at the Nelson Mandela University.

The members of the organization hold an equal conviction, that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour of all that confess belief in Him as recorded in the scriptures. This belief is what binds the members of CSF together in brotherly love, which is manifested in regular worship and prayer meetings. It is in these meetings where members support each other spiritually and otherwise as commanded in Galatians 6:2.