Membership Fee: R50


Who are we?

UCAN, short for United Christians at Nelson Mandela University, serves as an umbrella society for various churches and Christian organisations present at the University, such as Oxygen Life Church and Rewired. UCAN was started a few years ago as a society under the name of twenty20 united Christians by various students from different denominations and backgrounds. Just over two years ago, twenty20 united Christians was renamed to UCAN, but the heart remains the same: to impact the nation as students by modelling unity as we follow Christ together. Over the years, different churches and ministries have partnered with UCAN to enable this on campus. UCAN is thus a dynamic, non-denominational, Christian society focused on enabling and modelling unity on campus.


Our vision

Our vision is to enable Christian students on campus to grow in unity with one another and to discover healthy, vibrant fellowship - a unity that will reach beyond the University, into the nation and beyond. We seek to achieve this by facilitating different churches and Christian organisations to meet on campus. 


Our mission

At UCAN, we believe our overall mission is to enable taking the Gospel onto campus and beyond, as well as supporting Christians across the University. Through events, prayer meetings, venue bookings for Christian organisations partnering with UCAN, and year-round liaising with these organisations, UCAN aims to connect students who love Christ.