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Student Governance and Development


To uphold, protect the rights and interests of future lawyers. To facilitate the trivialities in the faculty and challenges facing previously disadvantaged students.


The student chapter is dedicated to the improvement of the legal profession and is committed to the effective management and development of human potential in accordance with its values and to the promotion of an egalitarian and equitable social order.


The Black Lawyers Association (BLA) is a voluntary association of black lawyers in South Africa. It co-exists with statutory bodies governing the legal profession.

The BLA was formed in the 1970's. The student chapter is an auxiliary wing of the national Black Lawyers Association.


We aim to empower fresh minds in the legal field with the extensive knowledge that will help to empower them in the future through a series of educational activities during the course of the year. The student chapter promotes transformation and transparency. It aims at closing the gap between previously disadvantaged law students by promoting non-sexism and non-racism. We intend to create a line of communication between students and the legal profession and promote integration between the two.