Beyond the Classroom (BtC) is a voluntary leadership programme that introduces students to the requirements of leadership in a practical and creative  manner. The programme, run by the Department of Student Governance and Development aims to assist students to develop skills needed for effective, ethical leadership.

It explores and addresses the importance of diversity in daily interactions, encourages teamwork with others from diverse backgrounds, enhances skills in conflict resolution and communication, and encourages intellectual growth over a year-long period.


If you are interested in applying for 2022, please see the BtC info session powerpoint for more information. 

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Why should you join BtC?

Beyond the Classroom (BtC) will introduce you to the requirements of leaders and assist you in developing the skills needed for effective leadership. It explores and defines different aspects of leadership, enhances skills in conflict resolution, communication, problem solving and decision making, while making it clear that leadership is not just a position.


This voluntary self-development programme intends to: 

  • Increase your level of social awareness and responsible citizenship
  • Learn to adapt to change, ambiguity and different views
  • Foster your creativity in both thoughts and actions
  • Boost your thinking in seeing things from new perspectives
  • Enhance your intra- and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen your verbal, written and electronic communication skills
  • Expand your knowledge in your field of study

Students must apply online and submit a copy of their full academic record when requested to do so. We will inform you of the outcome via your student email within 7 working days.



Facilitator Deidre and Alice award recipient, Lindokuhle at the BtC Celebration


Facilitator Kim Elliott with a few of her BtC learners


What will you receive?

You will receive official recognition on your student co-curricular record upon successful completion of the programme.

The programme consists of the following modules: 

  • Getting to know you
  • CV Writing
  • Social Media Presence
  • Conflict Management
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Gender Awareness
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Leadership Compass
  • Wellness
  • Presentation skills
  • Resilience


Group work is an integral part of the BtC programme



Due to the pandemic we offer the programme virtually (online workshops and team meetings)